1. Frame

Each of our frames is handcrafted in our workshop by a qualified and experienced framer. We offer hundreds of choices in frames, which you can choose to suit your artwork, your décor, or a combination of both.

2. Glazing (glass or acrylic)

All paper artwork and many other items require glazing protection. We offer many different types of glazing. For most work, we recommend one of the following:

  • Clarity glass – which is ultra-clear and blocks out 70% of UV rays
  • UV clear glass or acrylic – which blocks out 99% of UV rays
  • UV non-reflective glass or acrylic – which blocks out 99% of UV rays and is non-reflective

3. Matting

Apart from the aesthetic value a matboard can provide, matting also spaces your artwork away from the glazing and protects the framed piece. As the matboard comes into direct contact with the artwork we recommend the use of acid-free and lignin free matboard which is buffered to maintain alkaline pH. These matboards resist fading and protect your framed work from acid damage better than any other.

4. Artwork

The artwork can be whatever you want framed!

5. Mounting the artwork

Different items require different mounting and supporting techniques. We offer and recommend reversible mounting methods for valuable or sentimental items. We also offer permanent flat mounting options.

6. Backing board

This lightweight acid free foam board provide a stable base to hold all the internal items in place and protect the framed item. If damp or high humidity is an issue a waterproof backing can be used to prevent water and mould damage to your artwork.

7. Sealing tape or dust cover

Your frame is sealed with tape or a dust cover to protect the artwork from insects, moisture, common airborne pollutants, dust, and high fluctuation in relative humidity.

8. Secure fixings

Your frame then has a plastic coated strong and durable stainless steel wire attached to the back for hanging. However, various other options can be used dependent on the particular hanging requirements of the item.

9. Felt bump-ons

Finally, felt bump-ons are attached to the corners of the frame to ensure that your wall remains undamaged and to inhibit the growth of mould behind the frame by promoting air flow.