If you are assessing which type of framing to go with, this chart might help!

It points out some of the main differences between buying a ready made frame from a department store or a discount store, and custom framing available at a custom framing boutique.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell ready made frames. We custom make all frames to order on our premises.

Ready Made

Custom Framing

Frame Size

Frames are in set sizes such as 8×10 or an A4.

You choose the size. We make things the size of a plate right through to metres long.

Frame Choice

Frames come in set colours, most often black, white, gold and silver.

You choose the colours which suit your style and your piece. You can even choose more than one frame if you like.

Mat Layout

The mat layout in the frame is fairly standard.  

You choose the layout of your piece and therefore the mat cut-out. You can also have text printed or etched into the mat.

Mat Quality

The piece is often adhered to paper mats or cardboard that contain acid, which gradually destroys the piece.

We use 100% cotton acid-free “Rag” mats and backing boards to space the piece away from the glass in order to protect it.

Glass Quality

The glass is very basic and doesn’t offer the piece a lot of protection from pollution and the environment.

We use museum glass, invisible glass, conservation reflection control glass and conservation clear glass. Each type of glass offers different levels of protection for the piece. We can advise you of the best option for your piece.

Frame Quality and Craftsmanship

Frames are often plastic and produced on mass with poor craftsmanship.

All of our frames are wood, sourced from Italy, The Netherlands, United States, New Zealand and Australia. All frames are manufactured on site by a qualified Picture Framer with over 10 years experience.

End Result


      Something that will last for some time.


  Something that will last for a long time.